Iron Age Work Boots

Iron Age Work Boots have a distinguished place in the history of work boots- they were first.  Iron Age Work Boots have been protecting Working People since 1918.  Headquartered out of Pittsburgh, Iron Age was in the heart of Steel Country where they built a reputation for quality and that is how the company grew to outfit Working People across the country.

Through the years Iron Age created a loyal following of Working People that count on these work boots to stand up to the most demanding work environments.  With a constant focus on durability, Iron Age is known for providing a great value.  If you are in a job the is demanding, look to Iron Age Work Boots to keep your feet protected.  Safety toe work boots, met guard boots are among their strongest categories.  Look for the mining boot they are developing as it will be a very durable boot at a very reasonable price.  Iron Age work boots offer a great value.

The Iron Age Work Boot line is now headquartered about 600 miles away in St. Louis, Missouri- Gateway To The West.   The Warson Group manages the Iron Age Work Boot selection is committed to maintaining the strong brand heritage and quality at a price a Working Person can afford.

Working Person’s Store is proud to offer Iron Age work boots at, their printed Workwear Catalog, and their Industrial Shoe Mobiles.

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