Don’t Won’t Wear Eye Protection? Here’s How to Fix That.

Imagine how you would feel if the world goes dark, everything you used to see ever is just endless dark all around you. Will you survive? 

According to a survey report submitted by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) each day more than 2,000 U.S. workers receive some form of medical treatment because of eye injuries that occured during work. More than 800,000 work-related eye injuries occur each year.

The Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS) reported that more than 50%of workers injured while wearing eye protection thought the eyewear would minimize their injuries. But nearly half of the workers also felt that another type of protection could have better prevented or reduced the injuries they suffered.

It is estimated that 90% of eye injuries can be prevented through the use of proper protective eyewear.  There are some great designs available from reputable safety glass manufacturers like Edge Eyewear and Pyramex Safety Glasses.  There are a number of great designs at affordable prices that meet or exceed American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

Ensure you get safety eyewear you like because you will be more likely to wear them.  Your eyes are precious!

How To Care for Your Fire Resistant Clothes

Flame resistant clothes are a need of every WorkingPerson who works at risky sites where there is always a risk of fire burns. If you have purchased FR clothes for your safety then you did a great thing, but how can you maintain their function? 

Yes, it’s a fact that all FR clothes need maintenance and for that you have to take good care.

You can take care of your fire resistant clothes by following the recommended procedures of ASTM F1449-01. Some cleaning and laundering procedures can harm the flame resistant properties of FR clothes which is why industrial laundering and other cleaning procedures that involve high temperatures and risks of mineral build-up should be avoided.

In case you do not follow the recommended laundering procedures of ASTMF1449-01, you must get your FR clothes checked from time-to-time by the methods recommended by ASTMD6413.

Keep in mind that though many detergents are acceptable to use on FR clothes, but never ever use a detergent containing peroxides or chlorine.  With the right detergent and adequate rinsing there should be no harm to your FR clothing.

Before dry cleaning your FR garment, have a look at its care instructions. If contaminated, your clothing can become flammable. If torn, you need to repair it then take care that only a non-flammable patch or thread (NOMEX) is used. Replacement may be a better option.

Take care of your fire resistant clothes properly so they will protect you should the situation arise. 

Choose trusted brands like Carhartt FR, DragonWear, and Bulwark FR for all the FR clothes from reputable companies like and know you are protected.

The Essentials of Arc Flash PPE Maintenance

Workplace injuries occur every day, especially injuries from arc blasts. In order to keep working people safe from  arc blasts, Arc flash Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) are imperative for lots of workplaces. However, there are some guidelines to maintain the proper functioning of arc flash PPE.

The most important factor in the maintenance of arc flash PPE is its proper care, which includes different sets of washing and clothing each week. This simple care tip for Arc Flash PPE will preserve its useful life for a longer period.

As the oil, dirt and other contaminants are always there in the workplace, a proper laundering routine is crucial to save the FR properties of a garment. It is a very important warning for the effective usage of FR clothing that grubby PPE should not be worn without proper laundering.  Home laundering is recommended instead of industrial laundering, as that harsh laundering session can decrease the useful life of flame resistant clothing. Gentle washing is also preferred over hot water and bleaches.
Daily wear and tear can affect the efficiency of FR clothing markedly, so the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed and a proper repair or replace should be made if it seems less efficient, for this action is important to maintain the safety level.

For the maintenance of arc flash gloves, similar care works the best. Just like FR clothing, arc flash gloves should also be kept clean by properly utilizing gentle washing techniques. Arc flash gloves are made of thick rubber, so debris can accumulate so check on such debris deposition on a regular basis otherwise efficiency of arc flash gloves is prone to decline. It is also a good idea to get arc flash gloves air and electrically tested in order to check for the holes and high voltage resistance respectively twice a year.  Arc flash gloves also need to be kept away from chemicals in dark and cool places. It is also imperative to store them in a dry and clean state; this action will prevent any distortion in the shape of the gloves.

The aforementioned tips are enough to keep the PPE safety in tact for a longer period. Trusted brands like Bulwark, DragonWear, Carhartt and many others can be found on, for the replacement of PPE.

Warson Brands Transitions from Converse Safety to Reebok Safety

Warson Brands has made a shift in their brand range over the past year. The most significant shift that Warson Brands made was switching their from Converse Safety to Reebok Safety after Warson Brands had a license agreement with Converse Safety for fifteen years.

The main reason for such a noteworthy transition is Converse Brand’s decision to exit the uniform markets, occupational work, duty, and shifting their focus to main customer base, i.e. the young lifestyle customer.

Reebok is the third largest sports brand in the world and Warson Brand is pleased about having a partnership with such a powerful brand. The agreement between Warson Brand and Reebok brand implies that they both will work together to develop, manufacture and market the products that were previously contributed by Converse brand.

As the athletic performance and fitness are linked with Reebok brand, so it is serving as a great foundation for giving the Warson Brand an image of a quality footwear brand. This transition is enabling Warson Brand to bring to their customers improved, innovative and quality footwear, which is perfect for any workplace.

The speedy shift is very visible in all the leading styles of Warson Brand, to identify with the Reebok brand. Furthermore, the Warson Brand is making progress in the launch of footwear, which is both durable and comfortable. This launching of new styles implies that the customers can trust this brand for the jobs that require long hours standing.

Only the name has been changed from Converse to Reebok.  Otherwise, the reliability, durability, comfort and quality are the same that had always been delivered by Warson Brand.

Warson Brand is a collection of many other famous brands like Iron Age, Grabbers, Florsheim, and Rockport Works. More detailed information about all the Warson’s products, can be viewed online at

Tingley’s High-Visibility Wet Weather Work Jackets

In nearly every season, the handiest outerwear for your work could be the Tingley’s Phase 3 High-Visibility Soft Shell Jacket (J25022). This high quality work jacket by Tingley is efficient with high-visibility fluorescent yellow-green color for daylight. The other features that make this high visibility rainwear helpful for any time of the day are its water and wind proof system, with 2-inch tape strips on arms, shoulders and midsection for early evening and nighttime work safety. This work jacket by Tingleymeets the ANSI 107 Class 3 compliance by providing the stretchable fabric with high shoulder design in order to provide the free movement throughout all the works.

Along with safety, Tingley’s phase 3 soft shell work jacket also provides the best warmth experience by its fleece inner layer. The multilayer protection of Tingley’s work jacket complies with ASTM E96, by providing an insulating fleece. Moreover, this Tingley’s phase 3 high-visibility work jacket is not less than a luxury for workers performing different athletic-like jobs, as it ensures high mobility during any kind of work by its stretchable fabric. This is how this work jacket is providing the top-class safety and mobility at the same time.

The zippered security pockets store valuables like keys or cell phone. There are also zip enclosed pockets to keep the hands warn in cold weather. The Velcro cuffs on the sleeves and the long back are some of the best features in this high-visibility jacket that provide extra cover and comfort in inclement weather. Furthermore, dirt protection for longer periods is also made possible by the addition of a cool feature like grey reflective striping in all the right places. 

Tingley Jacket and other high-visibility work wear are available at

Timberland PRO Helix Safety Toe Work Boots

Timberland PRO work boots launched their Helix collection. Quality is guaranteed, where the name of Timberland PRO boots comes, but now in its Helix collection another customer care factor is also introduced.

Timberland PRO Helix safety toe work boots ensure comfort- even after hours of standing on the job. These work boots are designed in a sophisticated manner by incorporating anti-fatigue technology so you won’t feel weighed down throughout the day. While wearing a work boot style from this collection, you can set all focus on your work instead of your feet.

The so many great features that make the Timberland PRO Helix collection a great choice like the anti-fatigue technology made up of inverted cones for absorbing shock, an outer covering of soft leather for comfort, mesh microbial lining for odor control, waterproof liners to keep your feet dry. All the aforementioned features ensure comfort all day without making the feet feel sore and achy. Moreover, workers using these work boots will not catch any fungal infection or odor problem.

This Helix collection by Timberland PRO boots has also provided a feature of safety with its active heel lock and TiTAN alloy composite safety toes. These safety toes make it possible for these work boots to provide with a best fit, comfort and safety.

These work boots are available in a wide variety of styles and almost every size range. In addition, the Helix collection is backed by a 30 day comfort guarantee. These great work boot features make these Timberland PRO boots a great choice for any Working Person in need of comfortable work boots. The Helix collection is available at

Staying Safe While Riding Your ATV

Warm weather is the time to start some outdoor activities. Many people have many plans for outdoor activities and many of them have a plan to ride All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and have some adventurous times.

An ATV ride is a great way to enjoy the weather and great outdoor scenery. ATVs are always a great way to enjoy the outdoors.  ATVs are being used by many industries now. A statistical report from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Healthy (NIOSH) revealed that apart from all the positive features of ATV, injuries are on the rise and ATV accidents took the lives of 41 workers in the United States in 2010.

Many ATV accidents occur due to carelessness. ATVs should not be operated on highways and paved roads since they are meant for off-road driving. Safe speeds on specially designed tracks can keep the rider safe. Alcohol addicts and children should never ever use ATVs. Moreover, ATVs should not be overloaded and if the driver is younger than 18 then they should be properly supervised by an expert. These strategies will help an ATV rider avoid most accidents.

Apart from utilizing the aforementioned safety strategies, simple care in wearing safe pants, gloves and boots can make it possible to avoid an ATV accident. All such safety items are available at Working Person’s Store, so now anyone can enjoy a great ride on ATV safely and comfortably by wearing some good safety items available at Working Person’s Store.

Putting Safety First in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

The job open ins in the natural gas and oil industry have increased in the United States which is providing workers with great opportunities for work. However, this increase in work presents a workplace injury and death rate increase among this industry’s workers. According to a report, the death rate recorded during 2003-2010 rose to 27.1 per 100,000 workers.

Due to such an alarming increase in the death rate, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) conducted research on the many factors involved in causing injuries and fatalities in the industry. One of the major causes is motor vehicle crashes.  Since the workplaces are located in far-flung areas, workers have to drive long hours in harsh and extreme weather conditions. After this research, a guide was launched for the oil and gas extraction industry. This guide inculcates instructions regarding effectively putting in action an in-vehicle monitoring program.

NIOSH also developed a control technology, the Mini-baghouse Retrofit Assembly, to protect the workers from the harmful effects of silica during hydraulic fracturing operations. Silica is very harmful for human respiratory system, so this control technology makes the hydraulic fracturing operations less threatening to worker’s health.

The other factors that cause major injuries and fatalities among workers of oil and natural gas industry are explosions during well servicing operations, falls and fires. NIOSH has emphasized upon the importance of association with industry partners and is enthusiastically working upon launching some practical training materials. Such training materials will give the workers safety guidelines and help them to learn the ways to protect themselves in an effective way.

Black Stallion’s GW101 Extreme Winter Impact Protection Gloves

You should take care of your hands. Many rough and challenging tasks, like cutting rigid wires and metalwork can cause a serious harm to your hands and fingers. All you need is safety for your hands by wearing Black Stallion’s GW101 work gloves by Revco Industries. These work gloves are designed to keep your hands and fingers safe and comforted even in harsh winter weather conditions.

Black Stallion’s GW101 gloves are quiet efficient and reliable in all the works that require hand safety. These work gloves will provide you with the ultimate protection against injury at work and will be hassle free through all the rough and tough chores of your job. These work gloves are designed with knuckle guards on back of the hands to protect your hands and fingers at the most exposed areas. Aside from providing such awesome protection, these work gloves work well when flexibility is required.

The features these work gloves provide you are MultiBlend insulation for warmth, the waterproof lining and hi-visibility color. All of these innovative features of Black Stallion Gloves provide the best safety.  These work gloves are a great choice for protection in winter conditions.

Over the past 30 years Revco Industries has come up as an experienced and reputable industry in testing and modifying safety stuff.  Revco Industries is a leader in the glove and safety market. You can visit for online purchasing of quality Revco and Black Stallion products like the GW101 work gloves.

The Many Styles of Ariat Work Boots

If you had ever dreamed of adopting a cowboy or cowgirl style, then Ariat Boots can give you that look with great comfort and reliability. Ariat Boots is a leading manufacturer of durable and comfortable footwear. Ariat Boots are reasonably priced and its selection of styles has been expanded from riding to work.

For all of the people who do not want a western style boot, Wellington boots are a great choice. Ariat’s layered ATS Max is utilized in these boots which is gel cushion with moisture wicking footbeds and midsoles that provides maximum shock absorption. Its outer sole is highly oil and slip resistant which will work to keep you off the ground and won’t weigh down.  

If you have to work all day long and you want something different in your work boots then Quickdraw is something to consider. This series is highly alluring with the perfect stitching and other quality materials like wide toe areas that will keep your feet comfortable throughout your workday. Quickdraw also utilizes Ariat’s ATS footbed for shock absorption and a tough outsole for maximum comfort.

Ariat’s Gauge boots are for all those people who want something different. These boots provide ultimate safety and comfort with its safety toe, slip and oil resistant outsoles and a moisture wicking liner that allows air into the boots and prevents bacterial from growing on your feet by keeping them dryer. Its composite safety toes also provide great protection and this series is rated for Electrical Hazard.

Ariat’s Duratread Clog Shoes are recommended to all the women who do not want tall boots but a classic leather look with a great safety. These steel toe boots are very captivating in look, comfortable in wearing, rated highly resistant to electrical hazards and have Ariat’s Duratread outer sole.

There is a wide variety of Ariat boots styles available at Working Person’s Store. Therefore, there are maximum chances that you will find a good match for your needs; also, styles are subjected to updates every new season so always check back.